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Free alternatives to biweekly programs (Read 7096 times)
Dec 24th, 2011 at 2:27am

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If you get paid biweekly, take half of your mortgage payment from each check and put it in a savings account. At the beginning of the month, write your mortgage check from that account. At least twice a year you'll be including the equivalent of an extra half-payment. Specify on the mortgage coupon that the additional money goes against principal.While hundreds of thousands of mortgage holders have signed up for biweekly payment programs, they represent only a tiny fraction of the overall number of mortgage holders, according to estimates from the top five loan service providers.

A true biweekly mortgage -- one that you set up when you buy your house or when you refinance -- is rare. Not every lender offers them. In any case, remember that it's possible to get many of the same benefits of a biweekly payment schedule for free.

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