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5/4/6 the tracker and the seeder server were the same - the tracker recently got overloaded.. so Ive moved it - but via DNS.. so some people will connect to the old one, and some to the new - for a few days anyway..
Im tryin folks!

4/21/6 Took me awhile but I think I found the problem. A firewire card went interrupt crazy.. I pulled it.. and the seeder daemons are moving more like normal. Sorry for any frustration!

4/19/6 Seeder/tracker server has been having issues - please have patience, I am troubleshooting why it keeps locking up - it might be the new ram

1/31/6 solved the issue of having to log in twice to comment.

1/29/6 Updating and looking to spread the main web site among a few machines. Ive had to stop the main seeder periodically to get this done. Patience!

1/17/6 RATINGS AND COMMENTS ARE IN - But in BETA - so if you hit a bump please leave me feedback with details!

1/12/6 - iPod versions almost complete, PSP getting there. I will soon be installing a way for user to rate and comment on each movie.

12/28/5 On a sidenote, the company I own is VmailPRO. I host business email for companies that prefer to outsource. You will see my ad on here. Whether you have a need 5 email boxes or 500,000, and are within the USA or Canada, that's what I specialize in. The direct link is http://www.vmailpro.com

12/26/5 Fixed IPOD version of Plan 9 - even though the person who brought it to my attention was a snot ball.

12/23/5 Installed newest version of BitTorrent which seems much faster!

12/15/5 River Past converter tested, new IPOD conversions uploading now.

12/13/5 Found problems with some IPOD conversions - Sound sync and itunes transfers - Im working to resolve and will replace faulty files as quickly as I can. (DONE)

12/12/5 workin to replace seeder clients with C versions - Hang in there folks! Also discovered some ipod conversions have sound sync issues - am working to replace and repair.. Oh to have the capital to buy more hardware! :)

12/11/5 replaced tracker with a more efficient c++ port - a few bumps in there - sorry for delays. Also redid the ipod convert for night of the living dead - sound now in sync.

12/10/5 Sorry about the tracker crash last nite - Ive taken steps to prevent a reoccurance and am looking at a package suggested by the isohunt people.

11/15/5 a VERY cool ipod owner tested and feedbacked - so I am redoing with a better software suite to get ipod versions up. He also happens to be a kick ass web designer! Anyways his site is http://www.luckow.com!!

11/14/5 Discovered the videora Ipod converter's h.264 files do not play in the ipod - so they have been removed until I get them redone using a different encoding

11/2/5 Tryin to solve bandwidth problem - moved server to a new IP and ethernet. Increased total from 2mbit to 3mbit - will watch traffic later - maybe I can punch it way up over nite so that we are not throttled do to payers needing bandwidth (this is just my hobby site afterall!).

11/1/5 Im getting occational complaints on download speed - I cant do anything directly about it - as is this system uses a sustained 2.5MBit/sec which aint cheap! What Ive started to do - and feel free to do this also, is posting torrents to torrent search engines - like torrentspy.com and mininova.com - this gets more seeders seeding which helps people from there out get downloads quicker.

Im also thinking, since the 350MB size isnt that popular, that I will be replacing them with IPOD compatible MP4s in the near future.

10/23/5 Turns out the super seeder function I upgraded software for, makes a mess of older or little accessed torrents, and/or ones its completely superseeded. I noted missing files, and some torrents that just would not seed - too me a good chunk o the last couple day to figure it out - sorry for any inconvenience.

10/13/5 Researched movie formats for the new Video IPOD - but I will need at least 1 tester. It takes ages to convert movies and upload them into place - so I dont want to cut a bunch of useless files! If you have or get one of these devices, please let me know!

10/8/5 Upgraded seeder server software so that it will super seed and speed us all up a little. There is some downtime this morning while it checks out our half terabyte+ volume of files.

10/7/5 it hit me maybe the tracker was bad so that peering wasnt happening - so a new one is in place..

I have noticed since that there seems to be SOMEONE who is mirroring this entire site.. a secondary seed.. dunno who it is yet or if its just a programatic anomoly.. if its real, you are out there mirroring and seeding - THANK YOU! :)

10/5/5 Rethinkin cartoons - I have a huge bunch to add.. I think in that section I will abandon collections and size and go by how they turn out.

9/30/5 - Starting to put together DVD-R PDA version collections for sale, will also work on an easier way to order larger files by the file.

9/20/5 moved seeder to a larger pipe - found a flaky drive, moving movies to one of the new fast ones, should improve things.

Flaky drive files moved out.. 6PM EST - hope that helps.. Thank to the adult types keeping me posted.. it helped lots! :)

9/17/5 NEW DRIVE ARE IN! 500 Gigs! So I will be posting updates soon.

9/15/5 - I found cheap used drives on Ebay.. they arrived.. so tomorrow morning the seeder server will be periodically unavailable (its not that easy to add a raw drive to a unix box!)

If you find your download speed slows for a bit on and off on 9/16/5 and this sends you into a fury - seek professional help :)

9/13/5 - Discovered some PDA versions didnt post correctly - Im reconstructing those few.

9/13/5 Im waiting to get/afford more disk space so I can add more files. Im not a corp, or some outfit - Im 1 person with a hobby and this is it! Ads have generated almost nothing to date so this will be a few..

Prior to today 9/13/5

Tweeking daemon settings so DL speed isnt totally horrible when there are no other peers to be had (I have a seed server running). Got one nasty gram feedback from someone - acting like this was a paid service and I was screwyin them - well - SHEESH take a pill - its FREE for YOU biatch! and costs me beauque buckeroons! That user described a problem I KNOW the answer for, its on their machine - but Im not helping someone that nasty! SHEESH! They said "DOESNT SOMEONE CHECK THESE THINGS FIRST?" Im the only someone there is, and Im doin my best! AND the problem is codec related on their machine anyway.. Had they acted like a human I would have helped.