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Help me assess my professional aptitude (Read 136 times)
Apr 10th, 2022 at 4:58am

liahughes   Offline
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A year ago I came to work for a company as an author on a remote job. I already had 3 years of experience in writing academic papers, first at the company, then in a remote job. Before me there was no narrowly focused author in the company, but the department with authors existed in the form in which it was developed at the start. There were also annual seminars in the same form, but slightly upgraded. When I came to work, a wide range of responsibilities fell upon me, from essay writing, design, and pay for programming homework. The crux of my matter: I was asked to leave the company, believing that I was incompetent. The first reason is that I don't meet deadlines for anything. So, I often learned about the terms from the manager of the company a few days before the deadline, and even when I learned in advance, I had no time to prepare properly. Then I was again swamped with all sorts of things, which took all my time. And, of course, everything had to be done urgently, yesterday. Today I was told that I completely ruined the entire project. The director said that no matter what company I come to, I will always be so out of time, I complain about the workload all year long, they break all the deadlines. The same opinion was formed with the employees, that the author in the company is frankly bad and irresponsible person. I will be grateful for questions and comments.
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